Internet Radio

What Does Internet Radio Mean?

Internet radio is an audio service that uses the Internet as a distribution medium of broadcasting instead of the traditional radio waves. The proper term used for internet radio is webcasting, as it is not actually broadcast through wireless signals. It is a form of streaming media where content is usually provided live instead of being prerecorded like some podcasts.


Techopedia Explains Internet Radio

Internet radio refers to audio services that are transmitted via the Internet. Most are associated with a traditional radio station that simply streams its content over the internet in simulcast with traditional radio signals.

Other internet radio stations are independent. The beauty of internet radio is that it has a global reach. Anyone, anywhere with a PC, mobile device and web browser can to connect to an internet radio station.

Internet radio may also refer to standalone devices that connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or a local area network (LAN) in order to stream Internet radio audio services. These devices are usually shaped like traditional FM radios for nostalgia, while some manufacturers use a modern design approach.


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