Jitter Buster

What Does Jitter Buster Mean?

A jitter buster is a device designed to reduce or eliminate flickers in audio playback.


Techopedia Explains Jitter Buster

To eliminate flickers, or inconsistent signals in audio, jitter buster devices usually modify the sample rates used in audio and engineer sound apparatuses to produce a clearer and more consistent sound. This is done by re-clocking the sample rates in terms of kilohertz. For example, Monarchy Audio DIP, a popular jitter buster device, produces a rate of 44.1 kHz as a default. Another technique used by jitter busters is upsampling, which produces a rate of 96 kHz. This can lead to significant sound upgrades.

The jitter problems addressed by jitter busters are related to clock speed. For jitters caused by data packet handling, other tools may be needed.


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