Core Operating System

What Does Core Operating System Mean?

Core Operating System (Core OS) is a system for container-based virtualization. Core OS deploys applications in virtual containers as a way to provide effective hardware virtualization for businesses.


Techopedia Explains Core Operating System

Core OS has often been described as “skinny” and efficient in terms of memory use. Experts contend that Core OS helps to develop virtualization without “bloatware” or extra features that may take up space without providing a lot of utility for designers. Using tools like a RESTful API and a shared kernel with Ubuntu, Core OS allows for agile virtualization development.

Core OS has also used a container technology called Docker, an open-source container project. Applications on Core OS have run as Docker containers. However, Core OS is developing Rocket, its own application container, partly due to criticism of Docker as a design that is not slim or efficient enough. At the same time, teams are also working to innovate Docker container technologies.


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