Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

What Does Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Mean?

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is a suite of server and desktop virtualization tools from Red Hat, Inc. The company claims that these tools provide "innovation as a service" and are an improvement over "bare metal" setups.


Techopedia Explains Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

As a premier virtualization offering, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization provides high-volume capabilities, for example, up to 160 logical CPUs and 2 TB of memory per virtual machine. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is also compatible with technologies such as Microsoft Exchange and Oracle database.

Like other virtualization offerings, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization helps companies deploy resources in a more agile way. Instead of linking together physical workstations with Ethernet cabling and buying permanent software licenses for each workstation, companies can order computing materials and software on-demand, as a service from the vendor.

In addition, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization offers the benefit of various training, certification and support tools for data center operations, and other virtualization projects. These resources are critical to the success of a new virtualization program because, without extensive assistance, many companies experience business disruptions when trying to upgrade to these new types of services.


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