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VRealize Operations

What Does VRealize Operations Mean?

VMWare vRealize™ Operations™ is an offering from VMWare, Inc., that is used for handling performance and implementation challenges across a diverse IT architecture, providing management tools and options for hybrid cloud implementations.


Techopedia Explains VRealize Operations

VMWare promotes VMWare vRealize™ Operations™ as a platform that provides unified IT management, bridging physical and virtual infrastructure, and meshing vSphere or hypervisor-enabled systems with Amazon Web Services or other options. VMWare vRealize™ Operations™ helps to automate operations management in a number of ways. Features for customization include tools for policy-based automation. This is part of a greater suite of tools that VMWare maintains to assist in enterprise IT evolution, for example, in adding or migrating to cloud platforms, combining two or more virtual/physical environments and otherwise distributing computing resources across complex systems.


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