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Personal Computer Game (PC Game)

Last updated: December 21, 2016

What Does Personal Computer Game (PC Game) Mean?

A personal computer game (PC game) is a video game that is played on a personal computer rather than on a console. The game is controlled using PC input devices such as the keyboard, mouse, joystick, etc. PC games can be played with or without an Internet connection, and have been available since the introduction of personal computers. A large number of games are available for the PC platform.

A personal computer game is also known as a computer game.


Techopedia Explains Personal Computer Game (PC Game)

Most personal computer games have specific computer software and hardware requirements. In order to play the latest games, in most cases, the computer's graphics card, sound card, processor, power supply and even the operating system may need to be upgraded to the latest specifications. For new users, it also helps to understand computer terminologies and jargon used in computer gaming. With the advent of the Internet, PC-based online games have also become available, which allow multiple players to play together or against each other.

Some PC games are also available in other platforms such as consoles.


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