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What Does Google Chromecast Mean?

Google Chromecast is an HDMI dongle that plays audio or video content on a high-definition display by direct Wi-Fi streaming from a local network or the Internet. Customers can choose the media to play by using Web applications or mobile applications that support the Google Cast technology or through content mirroring from the Google Chrome browser on an android device. Compared to similar alternatives, the biggest advantage of Google Chromecast is its price and its simple setup process.


Techopedia Explains Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast requires a smartphone, tablet or personal computer to work. It pairs directly with the device for the setup and helps one download the application or browser extension to ensure the pairing process. It does not require a password and other details, as the user would have logged in those in the applications of the remote device. If the Chromecast is on a Wi-Fi network, then every device connected is effectively a remote device. It also gives way to an open ecosystem instead of making applications/devices for different televisions.

Compared to other solutions, Chromecast functions in some unique ways. The device is small and thus consumes very little space. It tends to be cross-platform, and the mobile application along with the smartphone or tablet provides the remote control functionalities. Tab casting is also a feature that can be considered when one is playing videos from a non-streaming site. Multiple users can connect to the Chromecast device. The use of a smartphone or smart device provides a number of flexibilities to users. It also provides an option to browse Web pages on a television screen.

Chromecast, however, has some disadvantages. It does not have a native interface, and it requires the use of a smartphone or a tablet from which to control the device as there is no physical remote included. Application support is also limited, and tab casting produces pixelated video.


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