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Qi Wireless Charging

What Does Qi Wireless Charging Mean?

Qi wireless charging is a new system where devices are wirelessly charged using a process called induction transfer. Instead of using a cable or connector to connect the device to a wall socket or other electrical source, users simply set devices in proximity to a wireless pad that allows the device to charge.


Techopedia Explains Qi Wireless Charging

In terms of power transmission, experts explain that Qi wireless charging can deliver from about 5 watts of power, up to 120 watts or above, and can travel several centimeters above the pad. Qi wireless charging has also been researched for public health and safety.

Some of the benefits of Qi wireless charging include convenience, as well as more compatibility for charging. Where many different device makers have built their own specific charging cables for each device, it becomes difficult for consumers and families to keep all of these chargers on hand, and figure out which one to use for any given device. Qi wireless charging would be an extreme advancement in user convenience, and revolutionize how people keep their systems charged up for use.


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