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Copy Data Virtualization

What Does Copy Data Virtualization Mean?

Copy data virtualization is a type of virtualization approach applied to copies of data used for backup or archiving. With data backup and management looming so large in the business IT world, copy data virtualization is an attempt to make use of this data more efficiently.


Techopedia Explains Copy Data Virtualization

Essentially, with copy data virtualization, the copy data is not copied to an additional physical drive. Instead, the technology makes a certain image or pointer that links back to the original virtualization data. This allows systems to request stored data on demand. A part of a hardware system may look for this data and be directed through a virtualization solution to where the data is being archived. A central copy data repository can stream virtual copies of this data throughout the system. Advanced features of copy data virtualization include the ability to read and write these archived versions of files without actually accessing the copy of the file.


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