What Does CoreOS Mean?

CoreOS is a type of operating system that has been described as a “clustered operating system” and as “Linux for massive server deployments.” It is administrated by a company called CoreOS, Inc. CoreOS is an open-source technology built with a design that helps automate various aspects of system administration.


Techopedia Explains CoreOS

The company states that the aim of the CoreOS operating system is to improve the security and performance of the Internet by providing ways for businesses to run applications safely in diverse environments. The company also describes its members as “open-source hackers” and civil liberties advocates. CoreOS, Inc., is widely known for having promoted its own Rocket product for container-based virtualization.

The staff of CoreOS, Inc., came from companies such as Google, Cisco, RackSpace, Mozilla, etc., and from universities like Oregon State and Virginia Tech. The company is backed by various investors and has offices in San Francisco and New York City.


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