Cloud App Policy

What Does Cloud App Policy Mean?

A cloud app policy is a set of rules and procedures defined by an enterprise in order to ensure that corporate security plans and regulatory requirements are in accordance with the cloud application usage by the staff and organization. This includes maintenance and management of cloud app control, cloud access control and policy enforcement to protect the organization and its data.


Techopedia Explains Cloud App Policy

With the adoption of cloud-related technology by many organizations and enterprises, the confidentiality of sensitive data has become an important issue. Despite the convenience and flexibility associated with cloud apps, privacy and security are exposed to certain risks.

Cloud app policies vary from enterprise to enterprise. In most cases, a username and password are assigned to each concerned worker to log in and certain app(s) or data are hidden depending on the access rights of the user. This may include limiting certain activities, such as preventing the downloading of documents at certain hours, preventing the sharing of documents outside of the company during certain periods, preventing the uploading of sensitive content to certain apps, etc.


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