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What Does Red Hat CloudForms Mean?

Red Hat CloudForms is an enterprise cloud computing solution that enables organizations to create, manage and monitor public, private and hybrid cloud environments. It enables the integration and management of cloud infrastructure and services from multiple cloud platforms through a single platform.


Techopedia Explains Red Hat CloudForms

Red Hat CloudForms primarily provides a comprehensive cloud development, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), integration and management solutions. Red Hat CloudForms enables organizations using a central interface to manage virtual platforms on Red Hat, VMware and Microsoft, the cloud platform from OpenStack and the public cloud platform from Amazon. Red Hat CloudForms assists cloud administrators in:

  • Monitoring cloud infrastructure and resources
  • Application of lifecycle management
  • Resource utilization and optimization
  • Data and infrastructure security and governing policies spread across all native and third-party platforms
  • Self-service portal and automatic provisioning of resources
  • Dashboards, reports and analytics for measuring and monitoring performance

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