Event Log Monitor

What Does Event Log Monitor Mean?

An event log monitor is a tool or resource that helps administrators monitor event logs that detail what happens within a network. Event log monitoring is tied to a greater security concept called security information and event management (SIEM), which aims to provide comprehensive ways to monitor network activity for various security, performance and operational outcomes.


Techopedia Explains Event Log Monitor

In general, event log monitoring can be thought of as a more quantitative or “rote” approach to SIEM, where the related term “event log analyzer” would apply to a tool that does more in-depth analysis or pattern discovery. Although an event log monitor might help administrators observe things like availability of applications or internal threats, as a monitoring tool it may not be as advanced or sophisticated as dedicated analysis tools. IT professionals use an event log monitor to provide a centralized event log management and to look at different instances or behaviors like failed logins, account lockouts, failed attempts or tampering.


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