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Event Log Analyzer

What Does Event Log Analyzer Mean?

An event log analyzer is a tool or resource that provides an analysis of the event logs that note the activities on a network. What is specifically included in this type of analysis determines what an event log analyzer tool is and how it works. This type of tool is generally used to provide for better observation of network activity, increase security, improve performance, help institute compliance or implement other administrative goals.


Techopedia Explains Event Log Analyzer

The design of an event log analyzer is related to the concept of security information and event management (SIEM). This area of technology works on better overall monitoring and observation of network activity in order to run systems in a more intelligent way. SIEM tools may look for things like network anomalies, policy violations, internal threats to the network, and system downtime, as well as events that compromise compliance with industry standards. These tools do this by collecting information from event logs and running it through various kinds of analysis in order to catch patterns and evidence of outcomes within the network operating model.


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