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What Does Powermat Mean?

Powermat is a device that allows for wireless charging, an alternative to wired or cabled charging for smartphones, mobile devices and other types of equipment. Using an accessory called a “ring,” the user plugs the ring into the device before placing it on a pad for charging.


Techopedia Explains Powermat

Powermat works through the process of inductive charging where an alternating magnetic field is generated for a particular charging location. Powermat Technologies Ltd., founded in 2006, has produced different products for Chevrolet electric cars and other types of technologies. Since the advent of this type of device, other companies like Duracell have adopted the Powermat standard as an alternative to the “Qi” standard for wireless charging.

The Powermat system comes with an app that informs users about balanced device charging, as well as a list of Powermat locations where this type of wireless charging can be done.


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