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Dridex Malware

What Does Dridex Malware Mean?

Dridex malware is a type of malware that uses Microsoft Office macros. It can help hackers to steal financial information and other identifiers for users. It typically appears as a spam e-mail with a Microsoft Word document attached to it.


Techopedia Explains Dridex Malware

Cybersecurity experts show that Dridex malware evolved from an earlier product called Zeus Trojan Horse. A Trojan horse virus is something that looks like a safe application or product, but wreaks havoc inside of the system when it is downloaded or otherwise integrated, usually without the end user’s knowledge. A type of malware called Zeus Trojan Horse evolved into something called Cridex malware, a type of banking malware with backdoor entry points that is self-replicating and opens the door to other malware products. Dridex represents the evolution into an e-mail spam-carried malware product.


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