SoakSoak Malware

What Does SoakSoak Malware Mean?

The SoakSoak malware is a Russian malware that targets WordPress websites. In late 2014, security news reported that this particular application was able to compromise over 100,000 websites.


Techopedia Explains SoakSoak Malware

The SoakSoak malware modifies files related to WordPress templates by introducing an object that contains a potentially harmful JavaScript code. Effects may include Web page redirection and infection of a computer or device with malicious files.

Infection by the SoakSoak malware has resulted in certain domains being blacklisted by Google and targeted by security software. The name “SoakSoak” appears to be related to the domain ( where the malware sends collected information. Like other types of malware, SoakSoak performs a low-profile execution such that WordPress website users may not be aware that it has infected their sites.


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