What Does BigQuery Mean?

BigQuery is a web service from Google that is used for handling or analyzing big data. It is part of the Google Cloud Platform. As a NoOps (no operations) data analytics service, BigQuery offers users the ability to manage data using fast SQL-like queries for real-time analysis.


Techopedia Explains BigQuery

BigQuery is considered an example of infrastructure as a service (IaaS). This tool can be used with Apache Hadoop or other frameworks to handle large data sets. BigQuery also provides a REST API, which uses the Representational State Transfer (REST) model for open and transparent collaboration.

Using data in BigQuery means that the data needs to be uploaded first to Google Storage. BigQuery has an API that can be used to integrate this process into the data analysis. BigQuery is compatible with SQL queries and can be used with Google Apps Script, Google Spreadsheets and other Google services.


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