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What Does Ad Tech Mean?

The term “ad tech,” which is short for advertising technology, broadly refers to different types of analytics and digital tools used in the context of advertising. Discussions about ad tech often revolve around the extensive and complex systems used to direct advertising to individuals and specific target audiences.


Techopedia Explains Ad Tech

In one sense, ad tech involves items like digital banner ads and other conveyance methods for advertising. However, ad tech also includes the back-end systems that help direct advertising to a target audience. This can include full marketing platforms and analytics systems, which are the “smart engines” of digital advertising campaigns. For example, IT professionals may work behind the scenes to promote specific results using “digital direct mail,” which intends to deliver digital messages to just the right people over specific venues and platforms.

As a whole, ad tech is becoming more sophisticated and getting more respect within the general IT industry. Companies involved in ad tech may or may not do a good job of explaining the specific platforms and technological resources that they use and how they create their services, but in the Internet era, especially in mobile advertising, ad tech is an important component of how companies communicate with their customers and how modern business gets done.


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