Born in the Cloud

What Does Born in the Cloud Mean?

The term “born in the cloud” refers to a specific type of cloud service that does not involve legacy systems, but was designed only for cloud delivery. This category of cloud services is instructive in changing how companies view reliance on cloud vendors.


Techopedia Explains Born in the Cloud

While one of the easiest definitions of “born in the cloud” is that the products are not “legacy products” and vendors are not “legacy vendors,” there are also other components that mark a product or service as “born in the cloud.” Some of these involve the benefits of the cloud, such as rapid elasticity and on-demand availability, and whether product design supports these innovations. Others involve the quick evolution of services that is inherent in cloud models. In some cases, the definition of “born in the cloud” varies as people discuss services that may have provided hardware-based or legacy systems at some time, or companies that have different service philosophies driving their delivery models.


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