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What Does Unicorn Mean?

In IT, a unicorn refers to a project or firm with a unique potential. This broad term can be used to refer to a company in the tech field that has experienced impressive gains or to a project that is, in some ways, groundbreaking or unique.


Techopedia Explains Unicorn

The term unicorn is most commonly used to describe a company, for example, a Silicon Valley startup, that started out small but has since increased its market capitalization to, say, $1 billion or more. Now, the tech industry has started using the term “super-unicorn” to describe a firm that stands out from the competition even more. For example, the social media giant Facebook, which has a market capitalization of more than $100 billion, is considered as a “super-unicorn among unicorns”; it started from a dorm room and, years later, is now a dominant technology firm.


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