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What Does PC-on-a-Stick Mean?

A PC-on-a-stick is a type of device that puts all the performance of a personal computer into a small drive that looks similar to a slightly larger version of standard flash drives and USB storage drives. PC-on-a-stick models allow for users to just plug them into an HDMI display to get a working, fully functional computer desktop.

A PC-on-a-stick is also known as a stick computer, compute stick or stick PC.


Techopedia Explains PC-on-a-Stick

Like a flash drive, a PC-on-a-stick provides USB-connected memory on a small portable device. Unlike a flash drive, it also includes computing capability. In other words, along with data files, users can store executable software and operating systems on the small device — many available PC-on-a-stick models utilize versions of Windows operating systems. They come with up to 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. Many companies have begun making PC-on-a-stick models for the convenience of users. Some concerns, though, involve security and how easily the smaller devices can get lost.



Stick Computer, Compute Stick, Stick PC

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