Mumblehard Malware

What Does Mumblehard Malware Mean?

Mumblehard malware is a type of malware that targets Linux and BSD servers, using collections of spambots to compromise systems. Mumblehard malware can turn a Linux-based system into a spambot network and earned its name because it effectively “mumbles” spam out of system servers.


Techopedia Explains Mumblehard Malware

Mumblehard malware emerged in 2015, although researchers found instances of this type of attack over the five years previous to this. Mumblehard malware attacks through WordPress and Joomla platforms, or through a BSD tool called Directmail. It can sometimes be delivered through a Trojan attack. The email spamming that is done by Mumblehard malware can constitute a denial of service attack or impact a victim’s IP addresses. Security parties such as ESET suggest that mounting the /tmp directory in a certain way can prevent a Mumblehard malware backdoor and protect systems from this type of malware.


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