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What Does Password Generator Mean?

A password generator is a software tool that creates random or customized passwords for users. It helps users create strong passwords that provide greater security for a given type of access.


Techopedia Explains Password Generator

Some password generators are simply random password generators. These programs produce complex/strong passwords with combinations of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters such as braces, asterisks, slashes, etc.

Other types of password generators are made to generate more recognizable passwords rather than a completely random set of characters. There are tools for generating pronounceable passwords, as well as custom tools that allow users to set detailed criteria. For instance, a user could set a request for a certain number of characters, a certain mix of letters and numbers, a certain number of special characters, or any other criteria for generating a new password.

Password generators help those who have to constantly come up with new passwords to ensure authorized access to programs and to manage a large number of passwords for identity and access management. Other kinds of tools include password managers, or “password vaults”, where users manage large numbers of passwords in a secure location.


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