45 Nanometer (45 nm)

What Does 45 Nanometer (45 nm) Mean?

45 Nanometer (45 nm) refers to the technology or process used by Intel while producing semiconductor chips processors in 2007-2008.

The chips had a size of 45 nm and were the smallest computer chips ever produced of their time.


Techopedia Explains 45 Nanometer (45 nm)

45 Nanometer is more of a marketing buzzword that was spurred by Intel when they started working on a 45 nm chipset. The 45 nanometer had a better design than its predecessor 90nm and used newer and better materials in the manufacturing process. This included hafnium based k-gate dielectric that enabled in reducing the current leakage within transistors. Another prominent change in the design of 45 nm chip was the introduction of metal gates.

Intel first introduced the 45 nm technology with their Xeon 5400 series, whereas AMD released it with their Sempron II, Athlon II and Turon II series of processors.


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