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Open Data Platform (ODP)

What Does Open Data Platform (ODP) Mean?

The Open Data Platform (ODP) is an IT industry initiative that provides a common set of tools and technologies for the Apache Hadoop platform.

It was developed in coordination with various IT vendors that contributed to the platform across big data management, analytics, infrastructure and Hadoop hardening capabilities.


Techopedia Explains Open Data Platform (ODP)

The Open Data Platform is primarily designed to help big data developers in creating Hadoop-powered big data applications on a common platform. It provides big data developers a baseline model to build applications and services that can be interoperable on different platforms. The ODP also provides big data developers with access to reference architectures and a consistent set of documentation to ease the development and integration process.

Hortonworks, IBM, SAS, Teradata and EMC are some of the prominent IT vendors that are leading and contributing to the development of the ODP initiative.


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