What Does McLuhanism Mean?

A McLuhanism is a saying or phrase attributed to Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), a Canadian intellectual who was a somewhat prominent figure in the world of media and advertising. McLuhan wrote various books and lectured at the University of Toronto.


Techopedia Explains McLuhanism

One of the many quotes attributed to McLuhan is “the medium is the message,” an enduring quote that references the connection between a certain message and its meaning, and the platform that is used to deliver it. Other McLuhanisms are similarly crafted to engage ideas that could be characterized as dichotomous, circuitous or Hegelian. McLuhan himself described a McLuhanism as “a form of circuitry” and used adjectives like “cynical” to describe the McLuhanism. Other famous quotes include “all advertising advertises advertising,” “money is the poor man’s credit card,” and “the answers are always inside the problem, not outside,” among others.


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