Mommy Save

What Does Mommy Save Mean?

“Mommy save” is a term for a user practice of indiscriminately saving a large number of files in one default folder, rather than neatly separating them into subsequent folders for archiving and storage. Example: “She didn’t create individual folders for each client project, she just mommy saved every single document into the documents folder that Windows had already set up.”


Techopedia Explains Mommy Save

Part of the origin of the term “mommy save” is based on a discriminatory stereotype about users in a middle-aged female demographic. That suggests that relatively new users, such as moms, are more likely to save files and folders in less sophisticated ways. However, the concept of the term could also apply to other stereotypes about moms, such as the mom who likes to save every single bit of information about her child in a scrapbook. Here, “mommy saving” to a computer could be the equivalent of keeping a detailed scrapbook or other physical source of documentation.


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