What Does Selfiediction Mean?

Selfiediction is a portmanteau of the words “selfie” and “addiction.” It refers to a person’s habitual posting of “selfies” or digital photos of himself or herself on the Internet or on other networks.


Techopedia Explains Selfiediction

One convention around the “selfiediction” phenomenon has been the use of a hashtag of the same name to tag large sequences of selfie photos. Other users can see the results on many different platforms, from Facebook and Instagram to proprietary intranets or social networks.

In many ways, talking about a selfiediction is part of a greater discussion about how technology is used. Along with such words as “phubbing” (or phone snubbing), words like selfiediction show how display and social technologies can be addicting, how one can lose the balance between a physical life and one that is lived on digital media.


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