Hope This Helps (HTH)

What Does Hope This Helps (HTH) Mean?

The phrase “hope this helps,” abbreviated HTH, is common in Internet and digital messaging slang. This particular phrase is often used in workplace situations as people interact and try to solve problems.


Techopedia Explains Hope This Helps (HTH)

In a general sense, this abbreviation gets used as part of the human migration to short messaging platforms and other systems, where it may be more time consuming to type out the words than it is to use an abbreviation. In this particular case, people using the abbreviation HTH are often trying to provide some type of solution for another user. This can be applied to any industry, but it can also be specifically applied to IT — for example, one might see an IT professional telling someone to reset the system or refresh a screen, and then saying “hope this helps” or “HTH.”

As pointed out by some slang dictionaries, HTH can be used sincerely, or it can be a sarcastic remark. In some cases, IT professionals may associate the sarcastic use of HTH with other stock phrases like – “did you try turning it off and then on again?”


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