I Am A Lawyer

What Does I Am A Lawyer Mean?

The phrase “I am a lawyer,” abbreviated IAAL, is used most commonly in digital communications. Individuals might use it in chat rooms or in text messaging to show that they are in fact qualified to practice law.


Techopedia Explains I Am A Lawyer

Typically, the abbreviation IAAL does not come up a lot. It is more common to see the reverse, an abbreviation like IANAL that means “I am not a lawyer.” However, for someone who is qualified to practice law, this abbreviation can provide a quicker way to explain qualifications to an audience. Users may also see this abbreviation used along with another, “I am not your lawyer” or IANYL. Here, the writer is suggesting that although he or she is a qualified lawyer, he or she does not have a lawyer/client relationship with the recipient of the message.

The same abbreviation, IAAL, can also be used for such dissimilar phrases as “it’s all about love” or “I am actually laughing” — a variant of LOL (laughing out loud) or ROFL (rolling on floor laughing).


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