I Am Not A Qualified Practitioner

What Does I Am Not A Qualified Practitioner Mean?

The acronym IANAQP can be used to mean either “I am not a qualified practitioner” or “I am not a quantum physicist.” Both of these have been entered into the lexicon of digital chat slang.


Techopedia Explains I Am Not A Qualified Practitioner

In either of the above cases, the acronym IANAQP tends to be followed by the word “but” and part of someone’s opinion on some issue or topic. When it is used to mean “I am not a quantum physicist,” the topic would generally refer to some type of content associated with quantum physics. When the phrase is used to mean “I am not qualified practitioner,” the remainder of the message might have to do with some medical topic or condition.

The abbreviation IANAQP represents the interesting dichotomy that happens when one of these chat slang abbreviations is used for more than one set of words. These types of duplications are inevitable because of the limited number of letters used to start many thousands of words. One issue with duplicated chat slang abbreviations is whether there are any cases where one used might be confused with another. In this case, the context is usually in the last part of the message.


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