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Integrated Analytics Platform

What Does Integrated Analytics Platform Mean?

An integrated analytics platform is an integrated solution that brings together performance management, analytics and business intelligence tools in a single package. It provides an end-to-end solution for delivering business intelligence from multiple fronts and gives the user a clear visual representation of data as well as providing services such as revenue calculation, forecasting and developing marketing strategy models and algorithms all on the same system, allowing for interoperability.


Techopedia Explains Integrated Analytics Platform

An integrated analytics platform gives sales and marketing organizations a competitive edge through analytical insights and information collaboration. The core of the integrated analytics platform is its huge data repository from which all tools and services can access and build on. The way the data warehouse is set up can differ among platform vendors, for example Intel uses a data lake scheme for its data repository, while other vendors use traditional relational data warehouses.

The integrated analytics platform has capabilities for managing the volume or size, velocity and variety of marketing and sales data. This means that it can ingest data from different types and protocols. This provides flexibility, as all aspects of the platform can access this centralized repository for distributed processing and allows for constant evolution of data models and their resulting insights. This also allows for cross-silo collaboration since any data model or algorithm created by one entity can be utilized and built upon by other entities. This collaboration can ensure that the entire organization is informed on any and all intelligence that can be arrived at using the integrated analytics platform.


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