Remote Desktop Support

What Does Remote Desktop Support Mean?

Remote desktop support is support rendered to access a specific computer/device from another computer/device with the help of networking or the Internet. It can provide access to the files, applications and network resources associated with the device from the remote device. Remote desktop support can be used for diagnosing and resolving hardware and software issues of a computer/device located at a distant location.


Techopedia Explains Remote Desktop Support

Remote desktop support is considered a component of efficient application service management. Issues such as troubleshooting errors, operating system support, upgrades or patch support, installation or other application support, antivirus support or installation can be easily handled by technical personnel using remote desktop support without the need for on-site visits. In order to facilitate remote desktop support, an application needs to run on both the technician’s and the user’s machines. Various software packages are available for remote desktop support.

Remote desktop support can significantly help in resolving issues which cannot be resolved by either chat or other means of communication. It can be considered as a faster way of resolving issues and is more green and client friendly than other options. The support personnel can actually see the issues on the device and can perform the diagnosis — and sometimes repair — without user intervention. Remote desktop support also relieves users from the discomfort of being asked to perform diagnostics which he/she might not be familiar with. It also helps in reducing the downtime of the user. Another advantage of remote desktop support is it reduces the effort and cost involved in resolving the issue. The support personnel need not travel on-site to fix the issue.

However, effective and efficient remote desktop support largely depends on a strong and reliable network along with the knowledge of personnel handling the support.


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