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What Does Twittiquette Mean?

The term “Twittiquette” (Twitter etiquette) refers to the common etiquette that Twitter users must follow when using this social media platform. The term is derived from “netiquette” (net etiquette) and refers to the rules for the responsible use of Twitter.


Techopedia Explains Twittiquette

Twittiquette guidelines are specifically tailored to the Twitter platform, where posts max out at 140 characters and users tend to scan pages and profiles. One rule for Twittiquette that many adhere to is the practice of “reciprocal following,” i.e., when someone follows you on Twitter, you must follow that person in return. There is also the key rule of sending only a few tweets at a time to avoid dominating the page and pushing other people’s posts further down the queue.

Other rules for Twittiquette include limiting profanity, as well as “netspeak” or other types of abbreviated texting. There is also the common prohibition of using Twitter to chat since multiple short posts would push other posts further down the queue and out of sight.


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