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To The Best Of My Knowledge

What Does To The Best Of My Knowledge Mean?

The abbreviation TTBOMK, meaning “to the best of my knowledge,” is a common type of Internet or text messaging slang where the abbreviated form is simpler to type into a mobile touchscreen keyboard or other limited device input.


Techopedia Explains To The Best Of My Knowledge

In addition to slang abbreviations like IMHO for “in my humble opinion” and SMH for “shaking my head,” TTBOMK provides a modifier for a message, replacing “to the best of my knowledge” in order to save space in short text messaging and lighten the burden of typing entry of the user. For example, someone in a chat room or in instant messaging might say “TTBOMK, we haven’t been sent our tax refunds yet.” The abbreviation signifies the modifier or disclaimer that something is only true to the extent that the message sender has heard about it.


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