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Because Internet

What Does Because Internet Mean?

The term “because Internet” is part of a new change in the way people use the word “because,” often related to the Internet or social media. It simply means that someone is doing something, or some outcome has happened, because of the Internet. This term takes away the grammatical additions “of the,” and that is how it effectively changes the English language.


Techopedia Explains Because Internet

People who use the term “because Internet” are talking about some kind of result that is based on the existence of the World Wide Web. For instance, somebody might say “my boss heard about my partying last night, and I got a big lecture — because Internet.” In this case, the speaker is likely to be complaining about how personal off-the-clock activities can be seen by others over the Internet, usually on social media.

In addition to “because Internet,” modern speakers can add any other kind of word after the word “because” for a similar meaning in use. One other common example is the use of the term “because science” — for example, someone might say that “the oil spill actually had a big effect on the gulf, you know, because science.” In fact, many of the uses of the terms “because Internet” and “because science” are tinged with sarcasm or otherwise weighted with ironic or humorous meaning.


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