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What Does Facebook Official Mean?

“Facebook official” means that a Facebook user has made changes to a page or profile to illustrate some point of information about themselves, thereby making it “official” to a Facebook audience. This term has been coined to describe the effect that Facebook profile information has in the real world.


Techopedia Explains Facebook Official

Experts such as psychologists, counselors, family services providers and others have weighed in on the extent to which Facebook can influence social mores, outlooks, and interactions with others. One of the most common uses of the term “Facebook official” is to describe users changing their relationship status on Facebook, for instance from “single” to “in a relationship,” from “in a relationship” to “married,” or from “married” or “in a relationship” back to “single.”

It might seem like a frivolous addition to the dictionary, but the use of terms like “Facebook official” actually describe a deep and profound impact in terms of the use of social media to describe people’s lives. In many cases, the use of Facebook relationship status to make a relationship “Facebook official” greatly affects what happens away from a computer, and how individuals, as part of a couple, choose to advertise their relationship to others.


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