Apache Flink

What Does Apache Flink Mean?

Apache Flink is a tool for supporting Hadoop project structures and processing real-time data. As a type of batch processor, Flink contends with the traditional MapReduce and new Spark options.


Techopedia Explains Apache Flink

Flink was originally called Stratosphere and developed at the Berlin Technical University. It has now become an alternative to both MapReduce and Spark. Some of the benefits of Apache Flink include the ability to use the same algorithms for streaming and batch modes, in order to foster low latency achievements. There is also the opportunity to analyze clusters and perform iterative processing on different nodes of the system at once. Apache Flink is also compatible with Apache YARN and other Hadoop-related tools. This European-developed tool is likely to become part of the specific ways that administrators handle big data systems as companies jump on the bandwagon for high-volume data analytics.


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