Apache Storm

What Does Apache Storm Mean?

Apache Storm is an open-source Apache tool used to process unbound streams of data. Providing real-time data processing solutions, Storm provides a topology to control data transfers, which is a critical part of routing data where it needs to go for analytics and other operations. It coordinates with other kinds of Apache tools such as database or scaling resources.


Techopedia Explains Apache Storm

In Apache Storm, the system involves items called “spouts” and “bolts” which control data batches and define the sources of the manipulated data. The particular typology of Apache Storm is called a “directed acyclic graph” from which these spouts and bolts emerge. Items called “streams” control data transfer across the topology. This relatively new system in some ways mirrors the functionality of the conventional MapReduce resource typically used with Hadoop prior to Storm’s incubation in 2013. As Hadoop has become a very popular enterprise “big data ecosystem,” the related tools are evolving and, in some cases, being replaced to advance functionality in the industry.


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