Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

What Does Mobile Enterprise Application Platform Mean?

A mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) is a comprehensive set of services and products for enabling the development of mobile applications. A mobile enterprise application platform can provide a long-term approach as well as all the related elements while deploying mobility. Due to its cross-platform capabilities, a mobile enterprise application platform is considered beneficial.


Techopedia Explains Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

With management of the different networks, devices and user groups, mobile enterprise application platforms are able to provide solutions to problems while developing mobile applications, especially during deployment and throughout the entire life cycle of the mobile solution. A mobile enterprise application platform solution mostly consists of two components, namely a mobile client application and a mobile middleware server. All system integration, communications, cross-platform support and scalability is handled by the middleware server. Client applications connect to the server which acts as the main driving force behind user interface and business logic on any device. Many mobile enterprise application platforms also have mobile development tool sets for providing modifications to mobile solutions.

There are many advantages associated with mobile enterprise application platforms. First of all, mobile enterprise application platforms can be run on the cloud. Without maintaining separate sets of code, mobile enterprise application platforms can support multiple types of operating systems and mobile devices. This means a company can deploy a mobile application to different mobile devices with the help of mobile enterprise application platforms without having to worry about compatibility. As most mobile enterprise application platform solutions have a tool set for modifications, creation of custom app extensions is quite easy and convenient. Mobile enterprise application platforms can centrally manage mobile applications and can also help in integration with multiple server data sources.


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