What Does Refresh Mean?

“Refresh” is a general term in IT that refers to an updating adjustment of content based on current conditions. In some cases, such as in a browser refresh, online systems are sending the most current data to a software interface destination. In other cases, such as a memory refresh, internal systems are getting updated.


Techopedia Explains Refresh

One of the most common ideas around the word “refresh,” for end users, is the idea that user events trigger up-to-the-minute refreshes. End users often ask about how to refresh a Web browser, an e-mail client or any other online-facing technology that must be updated quickly in real time. There are also frequent conversations about refreshing data for enterprise architectures, where customer interactions and other digital processes need to be immediately made available to the system. Refreshing is a kind of task that must be planned in a system, and user-driven systems need tools to help the user to refresh the system manually.


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