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Basis Spline (B-Spline)

Last updated: December 29, 2015

What Does Basis Spline (B-Spline) Mean?

In mathematics, certain kinds of numeric values obtained through the use of polynomials are called splines. A basis spline is a specific category of spline that supports some types of computer graphics animation. Experts define a basis spline (B-spline) as a spline that has “minimal support with respect to a given degree, smoothness and domain partition.”


Techopedia Explains Basis Spline (B-Spline)

In general, B-splines are useful in developing 3-D models, because of their mathematical complexity. Creating B-splines with computers instead of by hand is one way that modern graphics display work is advancing in the modern age. The use of B-splines helps to create 3-D contours that are not flat but curved, for instance, a 2-D rendering of a 3-D rectangular surface with diverse topography.


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