Steve Wozniak

What Does Steve Wozniak Mean?

Steve Wozniak, affectionately nicknamed “the Woz” by fans, is a computing pioneer who was active in the late 20th century in providing major innovations to the field of personal computing. Wozniak is credited with developing the Apple I computer, as well as other breakthroughs in the personal computing and video game industries.


Techopedia Explains Steve Wozniak

Much of Wozniak’s legacy involves another IT pioneer, Steve Jobs. Although Jobs and Wozniak collaborated on many technologies, history attributes the build of the Apple I entirely to Wozniak. The facts behind the lengthy relationship of Wozniak and Jobs during Apple’s ascendance has led many to characterize Jobs as the “marketer” and Wozniak as the primary engineer or designer of many of the items that helped to make Apple a household name. Since his Apple career, Wozniak has been active in working with IT groups, giving lectures and otherwise educating the public on information technology.


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