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What Does Nit Mean?

In IT, just like in other areas, the word “nit” refers to a small imperfection or a minor glitch in a system or piece of software, or some other technology. Developers and others evaluate software for nits, and people who bring a high level of perfectionism to a project may be called “nitpickers.”


Techopedia Explains Nit

The idea of “nits” in a project is often useful in discussing how to fine tune software development or other jobs. In the book “Better Software Project Management,” author Marsha Lewin talks about 35 years of experience in software, and how most projects have some nits in them near the end. Lewin likens a list of these nits to a kind of punch list that is evaluated in order to make sure the software is perfect when it eventually is released.

This term should not be confused with the acronym NIT, which is a certain type of virtualization certification called Networking Infrastructure Technology.


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