Scannable Resume

What Does Scannable Resume Mean?

A scannable resume is a resume which allows a computer reader to search it optically in hard copy, for the purposes of compiling resume information in a database. These types of resumes were popular when companies took paper documents and scanned them for employment information, for the purposes of recruiting.


Techopedia Explains Scannable Resume

A scannable resume has various attributes, and there are definite principles behind creating one of these resume documents. Experts might urge job searchers to include a keyword section or to stuff a resume with specific keywords. Another tip is to avoid changing formats and to limit complex text modules that could confuse a computer scanner. For example, it is suggested that writers avoid using a lot of bullet points and other visual cues that might make it more difficult for the computer to read the resume. It is interesting to note that the rules for a scannable resume often go against the rules for a resume that would be read by a human being.

Many job experts now contend that scannable resumes are somewhat obsolete, partially because of the popularity of the submitting employment information digitally or online.


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