Uber Geek

What Does Uber Geek Mean?

Uber geek refers to someone who has attained status as a particularly geeky individual, most commonly, with a relatively intense passion for technology, science fiction and/or certain aspects of the entertainment industry. Basically, a geek is someone with moderate interests, differentiating themselves from the general population, where the uber geek is someone with very extreme interests, tastes and fashions.


Techopedia Explains Uber Geek

There is actually quite a bit of discussion online about what it means to be an uber geek. This includes lists of uber geek bona fides, such as items that uber geeks would carry around with them – items for prolific use of technologies like smartphones, ham radio, sensor-based tools or anything else on the cutting edge of technology, or prized for its retro-technology value. As mentioned, though, descriptions of the uber geek go beyond just technology – for example, someone with an intense interest in science fiction books and movies could be considered an uber geek, especially based on the ways that they tie together interests in technology and entertainment.


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