Hub (Computing)

What Does Hub (Computing) Mean?

A hub is the connection point in a computer device where data from many directions converge and are then sent out in many directions to respective devices. A hub may also act as a switch by preventing specific data packets from proceeding to a destination.


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In addition to receiving and transmitting communication data, a hub may also server as a switch. For example, an airport acts much like a hub in the sense that passengers converge there and head out in many different directions. Suppose that an airline passenger arrives at the airport hub and is then called back home unexpectedly, or receives instructions to change his or her destination. The same may occur with a computing hub when it acts as a switch by preventing specific data packets from proceeding to a destination, while sending other data packets on a specific route. Where packets are sent depends on attributes (MAC addresses) within the data packets. A switch may also act as a hub.


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