Founder’s Syndrome

What Does Founder’s Syndrome Mean?

Founder’s syndrome is a relatively new phrase in the IT world that describes a founder or technology pioneer who has an inflated sense of his or her own abilities and success. It is often used within IT to talk about top managers, bosses or startup heads who demonstrate an inflated ego.


Founder’s syndrome is also known as founder syndrome or founderitis.

Techopedia Explains Founder’s Syndrome

In many discussions about founder’s syndrome, the founder can be enthusiastic about himself or herself, as well as the abilities of his or her teams. On the other hand, if things go wrong, the founder typically blames the other people working on the project. The common factor is that with founder’s syndrome, the founder is resistant to reasonable changes and decisions, self-questioning or careful analysis of a project. He or she tends to trumpet past successes, and become rather unlikely to explore new avenues or changes in order to improve processes.


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