Server Down Saturday

What Does Server Down Saturday Mean?

“Server down Saturday,” a phrase popularized by the HBO TV series “Silicon Valley,” refers to a time when technology is turned off and its users go out and interact with the physical world. The implication with this term is that users typically work on technology every day, instead of interacting with the physical world, and the server down Saturday is a kind of special event.


Techopedia Explains Server Down Saturday

Server down Saturday could be any day of the week. In the show, and in many uses, it is on a Saturday or on a weekend. Server down Saturday can happen for many different reasons. It can be forced downtime due to a lack of ISP service or some other vital resource. Or it can be a decision that someone else made to halt a work project temporarily. Another way to think about this is as a modern “tech Sabbath,” where the idea gets a kind of religious connotation.

In a much more informal use, server down Saturday to be a way to talk about a programmer or developer just needing a break, and needing to get out and see and talk to people, in order to balance technical work with social skills.


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